Distressed Sellers Facing – Pre Foreclosure. What Troubles They Are Facing And How We Can Help Them

Having a hard time due to foreclosures? It can’t be denied that it’s one of the difficult home-selling processes that a homeowner could face. Unexpected life events are the usual reasons why most people face foreclosures. It could be one of the following factors:

Divorce – When facing this case, it can be financially destructive since you will be facing multiple expenditures like hiring lawyers and paying for legal fees to settle the divorce agreement. Once the finances are divided between both parties, the other one will not be able to pay for his bills. This situation is undeniably expensive so most homeowners are struggling to pay for their house.
Healthcare bills – It’s a human nature to face issues with their health and it can impact you in different ways. If you’re not physically fine to go to work or someone who’s really close to you like your partner or child, you may be needing to take a leave from work. This will decrease the monthly income you usually receive or even your savings especially if the situation becomes complicated. Take note that your health insurance is not enough to pay all your hospital bills. With that, paying your monthly mortgage can be very challenging.
Unstable Job – Having an unstable job or the situation of “on and off work” due to competition, personal reasons and unexpected events. If the company has to downsize its manpower, you can lose your job anytime. If you’re no longer happy with it and decide to resign immediately, finding another job is not that easy. Considering the job market is so competitive since there are lots of candidates as well as the prevalence of technology, you may be jobless in the next several months. However, people need a job for living to keep their paychecks coming in. Otherwise, they cannot afford to pay for their homes.
Death – This may happen in one of your family members that can cause you to pay for the funeral as well as its pending medical bills. This could also affect your ability to go to work that can lead to loss of income which makes it hard to pay your home.

Goliath Homes Can Help You Stop Foreclosure

Maybe you’re facing one of the challenges mentioned above and wondering how you are going to avoid foreclosure. Some options can make the situation worse such as loan reinstatement, forbearance and the like. This cannot be only a time consuming process but also financially expensive. Besides, it will not usually solve your main problem which is to pay your house mortgage payment.

The good thing here is that you still have a better alternative to fulfill your objective. Selling your St. Louis house for cash to a trusted cash home buyer in Missouri can help. There are many advantages you may get when you sell your house as-is, like;
  • Sell your house in less than 7 days
  • Get a cash offer within 24 hours
  • No extra fees, closing cost and commissions
  • No need to repair your house, just sell it as-is
  • Avoid several time of home showings
  • No hassles and stress free
  • Move anytime you want or even before the bank take over your property
  • You can pick your closing date

Sell Your House For Cash in 3 Steps

Today, traditional home selling is not an ideal option since it will cost you much effort and money leaving you with more expenses in the end. Considering that you have to declutter your house, hire a real estate agent, take quality pictures, and list it to MLS listings. But this method will not guarantee you a sure buyer nor a qualified one. In Goliath Homes, you don’t need to do the old home selling method since they offer simple steps to buy your St. Louis house.
1. Call us or Submit Your Information
When you submit your contact details, we can reach out to schedule a quick home visit to see if we can help you buy your St. Louis house for cash. From there, we can discuss what are your options including how much would be the possible cash offer for your house. Take note that you don’t need to prepare your house, just leave it as-is.

2. Pick Your Closing Date

We are flexible to work on your timeline whether you need to sell your house fast or wait a few months to sell it, that’s totally fine. Once we make a fair cash offer for your house, you can decide if you will take it or need some time to think about it. You don’t need to rush since this is a no-obligation home selling process.
3. Get Your Cash 
If everything seems to be favorable and you agree with the cash offer, we can close the deal fast and pick your closing date to get your cash. We will pay all the closing costs and sign the necessary contract. Goliath Homes can provide your cash in less than 7 days.
Foreclosure is not the only option when you’re not able to pay your financial obligations for your house. Selling your house as-is to a local cash home buyer in St. Louis, Missouri can regain your losses and can save you time from doing the traditional home selling process.
Want to learn more? Contact us now at 314-932-2052 or send us an email to info@goliathhomes.com

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